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Nick Carter Biography Nick Carter is known to the world as the blonde, blue-eyed - and youngest -- member of the Backstreet Boys, one of the most successful vocal groups to emerge in the nineties. After seven years and three multi-platinum albums with BSB, Carter decided to break out on his own. Working with songwriters the Matrix, Mark Taylor, Steve Mac, Max Martin and Rami, Carter created a collection of 37 songs that he eventually pared down to 12 for his debut Now or Never. Carter chose to forgo any high-profile collaborations on the record, saying: �I don't think you need to [collaborate]� I think just for the first one [album] it would be cool to just show who I am - let everybody see what I'm about." From the sound and feel of the record, Carter has strayed from the pop scene and wandered into more rock-influenced territory. According to Carter, this change better reflects who he is and how he feels about his life. "People are going to be shocked," he said. "That's what I want. That's the way I am. I'm unexpectable." Nick's Personal Story A short Auto-Biography "It all started in a small town in Upstate New York called Jamestown. I was born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy fame. There was a lounge called the Yankee Rebel, which my father and Grandfather both owned- it was a small place. My sister B.J. was born up there ,but my other brother and sister were born in Florida. We had a house on Webber road: I used to love it up there: it was fun! My grandparents all lived up there. We had a little dance floor at the Yankee rebel, and my dad used to be a DJ and play records. When I was real small I'd used to get up there in my diapers and dance around. I have pictures of me with headphones on that were bigger than my face. I was just a little chunk; everybody used to call me Charlie Brown. This is all before B.J. was born. One day my parents thought they lost me, they were walking around looking for me saying, "Where's Nicky, Where's Nicky?" We had an old Pac Man game and I had pulled up a stool; There I was in my white diaper, sitting at the stool playing the game. That was where my love for video games began! My parents thought maybe it'd be cool to move down to Florida and start a different business, so they packed up their old Cadillac Eldorado and loaded all our stuff into a little trailer. I was about five or six then. The performing bug didn't really hit me until I was about six or seven....'maybe I can sing, maybe I can do this, maybe I can do that'. So we made it to Florida, and we're moved into our first house. I guess it was a retirement home, because that's where my dad started working. We lived there for maybe a year. It was about for 16 people but we built into it. My sister and I used to play with frogs and stuff around there! I have a picture of us all in the mud and we have frogs on our heads! We got into some paint one time! We were painting a chair for our father and we were joking around and we started painting each other. And so we had to take a bath in one of those little swimming pools. We, me and B.J., used to get into so much mischief, it was so funny. One of my favorite things to do in the backyard was go swinging on the hammock. I'd have her on it, and twist her up in it, let her go and watch her spin. She kept spinning and she'd get all dizzy and tell mom. This was a big backyard and the senior citizens really didn't care. Another thing my sister and I liked to do was sword fight with wood sticks. We would do that all the time. We got friendly with a few of the older people. My sister got really close to a woman named Millie, then Millie passed away. They used to be real good friends; Millie would buy her stuff. Being around older people, I learned to respect people and that also helped me. When we moved to another place, I met one of my best friends, his name was Brent and he and I used to get into trouble and all that. In all, I'd say my family and I have lived in about five different houses down here. We kept the same business, we just kept trying to live closer to the retirement home without living there. Eventually we did, we moved very close to it. My mom was a cook at the retirement home, an excellent cook. My mom's a really good cook! My brother, Aaron, and my sister, Angel (they're twins), were born at Tampa General/Children's Hospital. Leslie was born at the retirement home. She wasn't born in the hospital. I had to cope with my mother giving Leslie more attention than me and B.J. We would talk to each other and say, "Gosh, she's getting all the attention." My grandmother would spoil her. We get along now, because Leslie gets treated the same as us now. When the twins came, that really affected everybody. Leslie got jealous too! I was excited to have another brother! The twins really didn't change my life that much, but I guess you could say it was a happy change, because now I have lots of siblings! My dad, who's an only child, got all the attention, but had to make friends. I make friends, but always have someone to play with and hang out with. My first school was Miles Elementary. Miles was my favorite school, I loved that school! I was there for four years. That was when I did my first play, The Phantom of the Opera. My teacher helped me get into it. What happened was she picked someone for the role, but he couldn't sing, so he sort of strayed off. She needed to find somebody and luckily I was there. I was real nervous about my first play, but I pulled through. I felt good about it. Being on-stage is my life! Next year, I went to Orange Grove. I had favorite teachers there too. This was elementary. I missed a lot of school, because I did a lot of acting then. I started when I was about nine years old, right after Phantom of the Opera. We were kind of tossed between the acting, dancing or singing, so I kind of dabbed in a few of them. I did plays and commercials and sang in a few places. I did commercials for the Lottery and the Money Store (I was about 10), a lot of that kind of stuff. I really decided what I wanted to be when I was singing. I auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club and Backstreet Boys. And the Mickey Mouse Club said they wanted me! I had a feeling that that was going to be my good acting year- everybody has a good acting year! I had to chose between the two of them... Backstreet Boys or the Mickey Mouse Club!" "My siblings loves coming with me [to auditions] and stuff. The little ones were so young then, they didn't really know what was happening. My first commercial was for The Money Store, I was about ten. Then I got called by the Mickey Mouse Club and the Backstreet Boys all at the same time. It just changed my whole life- I was twelve going on thirteen. Of course, I turned the Mickey Mouse Club down for the Backstreet Boys! It was kind of scary,: there were meetings and talk about when Backstreet Boys were going to get a record deal... But we did quickly become local sensations! We did malls and worked around in local places. I was the youngest, the next oldest was AJ, next oldest was Brian, next was Howie and the oldest was Kevin. I was probably closest to Howie, Brian and AJ at the time. When we began traveling together and rooming together, I turned out to be the one who liked to sleep the most. AJ ate the most -- and I pulled the most practical jokes! I brought my Super Nintendo with me too for whatever free time I had. In those days, when I was at home, I went to Universal Studios a lot -- I like to ride Jaws! I'm actually afraid of sharks for real! I had a dream one time, the worst dream in the world: I was on the back of a big cruise ship, and I leaned over the rail. We were in the Bahamas and the water was crystal clear. This lady pulls up on a red jet-ski and we're talking to each other. Suddenly, there's this 26-foot Great White shark! You could see it's shadow underneath helm and I yelled to her. I said, 'Jump!' and 'Watch out!' She jumped and grabbed on to the pole, where I was leaning over and I tried to pull her up. The shark jumped out of the water and grabbed her and pulled her down under. That's like my worst dream ever! That's the only thing I'm most afraid of. Years ago, when I was showing off on my bike and broke my right arm, it didn't scare me as much as the though of sharks -- and I did a 360 in the air and landed right on my arm! I'm generally not a scared kind of person. I try to be funny, but I'm not really funny that often -- I just keep quiet a lot. I'm interested in girls, but it's hard to find a girl who doesn't just like me for what I do, but for who I am. I don't really test the girls, you can just tell. When I was in school, I used to come home with letters -- this was when I was really young. It was so funny, my mom kept all these letters that I came home with in my book bag! These girls, I can't remember how young we were, but they would write stuff. They could hardly even write their names, but they were writing 'I love you'! It was so funny in a sweet way! I was looking back on it, and they had like hearts all over the paper... My family keeps me humble though, I still have to clean my room and put my dishes in the sink and stuff. My room's got a lot of posters in it, my drum set, my bed, a VCR and a TV. It looks like an old 60's room. I enjoy the times when I can get home with my family, but Backstreet Boys are my family now too -- and we want to stay together." That inevitable girlfriend issue: Despite constant rumours (those especially on the net), Nick maintains that he doesn't have a girlfriend; his reason- he just doesn't have the time. BUT...............Now that everyone seems to know that Aj and Brian both have girlfriends it is much assumed that Nick must have one too. And guess what? I know most you girls don't want to hear this but Nick probably does have a girlfriend or least dates now and then. You know what though? I don't really care since it really isn't any of our business who he dates or sees and we should respect his privacy and not intrude on his personal life.

NICK CARTER BIO Full Name: Nickolas Gene Carter Nickname: Nicky, Chaos, Mr. Hyperman, Frack Birthday: January 28, 1980 Birthplace: Jamestown, New York Star Sign: Aquarius Family: Father (Bob), Mother (Jane), Sisters (BJ, Leslie, Angel), Brother (Aaron) and Half Sister (Ginger) Fave Food: Pizza, McDonald's fave Color: Green Fave Actress: Sigourney Weaver Fave Movie: Aliens Fave Music: Nirvana and Michael Jackson Fave Cologne: Gravity Fave TV Show: Beavis & Butt-head and Mad About You Least Fave School Subject: Algebra Pets: Terrier, Boo Boo and a cat Pinky Musical Instrument: Drums


10,000 Promises
All I Have To Give
All I Have To Give - Conversation Mix
Answer to Our Life
Anywhere For You
Anywhere For You (Spanish)
As Long As You Love Me
Baby I'm Yours
Back To Your Heart
Betcha By Golly Wow
Boys Will Be Boys
Brick House
By My Side
Can't Stop Thinking Of You
Children Need a Helping Hand
Christmas Time
Don't Leave Me
Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Don't Want You Back
Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Everytime I Close My Eyes
From This Moment On
Get Another Boyfriend
Get Down
Get Ready (Here I Come)
Give Me Your Heart
Heaven In Your Eyes
Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song)
How Did I Fall In Love With You
If I Don't Have You
If I Ever Fall In Love
If You Knew What I Knew
If You Stay
If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)
I'll Be There For You
I'll Never Break Your Heart
I'll Never Break Your Heart (Spanish)
I'll Never Find Someone Like You
I Need You Tonight
I Promise You (With Everything I Have)
It's Gotta Be You
It's True
I Wanna Be With You
I Want it That Way (Radio version)
I Want it That Way (Demo version)
Just To Be Close To You
Larger Than Life
Lay Down Beside Me
Let's Have A Party
Let's Have a Party (Remix)
Let's Make a Toast To Our Love
Let Me Be Your Loverboy
Let The Music Heal Your Soul
Like A Child
Missing You
More Than That
My Heart Stays With You
Nobody But You
No One Else Comes Close
Not For Me
One Last Cry
Open Arms
Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)
Quit Playin' Games (Italian)
Roll With It
Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
Shape Of My Heart
Shining Star
Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
Spanish Eyes
Tell Me That I'm Dreamin'
Tender Love
That's The Way I Like It
That's What She Said
The Call
The One
The Perfect Fan
We've Got It Goin' On
Who Do You Love
Where Can We Go From Here
Yes I Will
You Wrote the Book On Love