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COLIN FARRELL BIOGRAPHY Already dubbed 'The Irish Brad Pitt' by Hollywood, Farrell managed to make the huge leap from Ballykissangel to play the villain in Daredevil. Raised in the Castlenock area of Dublin, the rebellious youth enrolled in the Gaiety School Acting but left after a year when he was cast in Drinking Crude. He then enjoyed a regular role as Danny Byrne in TV hit Ballykissangel and went onto play a small role in Tim Roth's directorial debut The War Zone. Kevin Spacey saw him in In A Little World of Our Own at the Donmar Warehouse and suggested him for a part in Ordinary Decent Criminals. Next up was Tigerland, which introduced him to American audiences, and he went onto to appear in the underwhelming American Outlaws and Hart's War. His big breakthrough came with opposite Tom Cruise in the Steven Spielberg-directed sci-fi thriller Minority Report. His first major starring role - the Joel Schumacher-directed Phone Booth - was delayed because of a series of shootings in the USA. Meanwhile, he impressed in the lacklustre thriller The Recruit and played comic book villain Bullseye in Marvel Comics' Daredevil. He can be seen in the biopic of murdered Irish journalist Veronica Guerin. S.W.A.T. with Samuel L Jackson and Oliver Stone's Alexander. HOT ITERVIEW Here is one of Pastoliano's interview with Colin on his character, Danny: TONY PASTOLIANO: Introduce yourself and the character that you play? COLIN FARRELL: I play Danny Byrne a character who came into the Ballykissangel in the fourth series and I came in on a bare back horse from Dublin. I�m a working class guy and I�ve come into find my uncle Eamon Byrne who I�ve never met before. I believe the police want to impound my horse because I have no license to keep my it in Dublin. So I end up in Ballykissangel living with my uncle. TP: Is there any similarity between you and Danny? CF: I suppose the obvious similarity between Danny and me is age. It�s not a complex character. It�s just a young fella who�s ended up in a place where he has never been before and he�s dealing with a new place and new people. I�ve done that myself. I�ve lived in Australia for a year with a couple of mates when I was seventeen, so you can relate to it fairly easily. TP: What was the most enjoyable episode? CF: My favourite episode ... well anything with my uncle. Any scene�s with Birdy Sweeney would by far be my favourite work. Birdy died during the making of Series Five, and the second episode of the series is dedicated to him. He�s going to be missed and he is missed. He was such a pleasure to work with and just a gorgeous, gorgeous man. He was my Ma�s favourite character by a mile. TP: What was the most difficult episode or scene? CF: The most difficult episode was last year when myself and Kate McEnery who plays Emma were getting it together and they had built up this romance. It wasn�t mind-blowingly difficult, but it�s quite an unnatural thing when you�re good mates with someone to snog them. And the same this year, we have a snog. We�re great mates and we had a laugh about it, but it�s fairly unnatural. You just feel there�s no way in the world it could be sexy. But I�m sure they can make something of it in the editing suite - I hope.

COLIN FARRELL BIO Birthdate: May 31, 1976 Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland Occupation: Actor Quote: "It all goes back to [Joel Schumacher]. I wouldn't have done Phone Booth without him. I wouldn't be doing Hart's War. I probably wouldn't have done American Outlaws if he hadn't picked me out of obscurity. I've worked, but not at the level or people I'm working with now if he hadn't taken a chance on an Irish kid playing a Texan." --E! Online, January 2001 Claim to Fame: Starred as Roland Bozz in the Joel Schumacher film Tigerland (2000) Significant Other(s): Wife: Amelia Warner, actress; married July 2001; Divorced 2001 Mother of his child: Kim Bordenave, model Family: Children: Son born Sept 12, 2003. (No name at this point) Father: Eamon Farrell, Irish football player Mother: Rita Farrell siblings: Eamon, Catherine and Claudine (his personal assistant) Uncle: Jim Farrell (Irish football player)

Alexander the Great (filming starts Sept '03)
House at the End of the World (Post Production)
S.W.A.T (Aug 2003)
Veronica Guerin (2003)
Intermission (Spring 2003?)
Phone Booth (April 2003)
Daredevil (Feb 2003)
The Recruit (Jan 2003)
Minority Report (2002)
Hart's War (2002)
American Outlaws (2001)
Tigerland (2000)
Ordinary Dirty Criminal(2000)
War Zone (1998)
Falling For A Dancer (1998)

Ballykissangel (BBC)

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